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If you have any questions, like flexible shipping please feel free to email us to

Dulens HK Care Refresh is a protection plan provided by Dulens HK, offering coverage options with product replacements or repair services for accidental damage.

In order to provide better quality and convenient after-sales service, our team has decided to implement a post-sales support program called "Dulens HK Care Refresh" in 2024, offering our customers more flexible repair services

The services include the replacement of original parts (for damaged parts), replacement of brand-new lenses (at a discounted price), and lens repair services (currently contacting lens technicians from different countries).

How the service works

If you have any lenses from us have a problem or it is accidentally broken. You can ship back the problem unit, pay a partial payment, and get a brand-new replacement. (Partial payment will depend on damage to the lens). 

It is also possible for users who rent out their lenses a lot and want to keep the lens in the best condition and don't want to spend too much waiting time in normal repair service.

1. Simply Sign in on our website

2. Follow our shop (bottom right corner)

3. Add the service to your chart, so I will have your basic shipping details

4. You can also contact me for online lens check on Instagram(, Facebook or email I will reply to you faster on social media)

5. Follow our YouTube channel(@DULENSHK), I will update some videos for a guide to solve simple problems.

Service only for Dulens products that are bought from DULENS HK STORE or Directly ordered in DULENS - USER GROUP.

If you have any suggestions for improving our service, please let me know (


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