Updates of the Mini Prime 21mm - 2024/02/10 - DULENS HK

Updates of the Mini Prime 21mm - 2024/02/10

Dear all who preordered our first batch of 21mm,

First and foremost, thank you for your patience, i have received some messages asking about the process rate of 21 recently, so i would like to share some information i know now.

The metal parts of the 21mm are coming one by one now, once our staff returns from the Chinese New Year holiday, we will have a more definitive shipping timetable for the first batch of 21mm.


For those who are unfamiliar with the technical specifications, our 21mm will be the same size as other mini primes; in our final design the T stop will be T2.6, it not only keeps our lens in the same size but also improves the corner sharpness too.


The rear element also will pop 14mm more. It will be available in both EF and PL.
We plan to ship the 21mm around April for the first batch (if the first sample doesn't require any extra fine-tuning ;-). 

For people who ordered different finishing before, you can still press the preorder, just send me a message on FB or IG, I will put a remark on your order (Special edition need to wait a bit longer)

I know some users sent emails before and haven’t made payment yet, you can made it in www.dulens.hk CLICK HERE (Shipping according to date that you sent the email) (don’t forget to add case CLICK HERE , it will save more shipping costs when shipping all together)

After the 21mm, our Dulens Mini Prime series is roughly complete! (Roughly, and I'll explain why later @_@) our 21mm is a long-awaited focal length from our vintage line, 

Wise you all the best in 2024 the year of dragons!

I also prepared a special code only avalible in Chinese New Year : DU2024


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I hope the last thing that completes the set is a anamorphic adapter?

Adam Simmons

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