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Maybe the first Dulens APO mini prime review?

In 2019, we started our first preorder campaign on our Facebook page (it may sound strange, but at that time we didn't have a website or YouTube channel, and everything started from a tiny 500s members "USER GROUP" PS. No one had a lens at that moment LOL.

After the first batch of mini primes was shipped, most of the Batch1 preorders were using their lens for their works, there were not too many "reviews" came out on YouTube, and you know "Covid - Time" everyone knows how crazy it was, for manufacturers it was like playing game in nightmare mode, to fulfill our exiting preorders was our first priority.

Finally, in 2023, Dustin just made a video to reveal our APO MINI PRIME on YouTube, thank him so much for his effort on it and our USA TEAM

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