@DULENSHK - Dulens User Sharing - NOV/2023 - DULENS HK

@DULENSHK - Dulens User Sharing - NOV/2023

More and more consumers are receiving their Dulens Mini Prime; unlike 2022, when we were under a lot of pressure to prepare materials, we now have more consistent manufacturing, and users can order our lenses without having to wait a long time. (Which is a good thing! ;-))

I can now discover more user sharing on YouTube, and we'd like to see more real-world footage that not only demonstrates the lens's strength but also displays everything without hiding!

So I'm now attempting to collect our user sharing and share it in our group regularly. Please follow the creators if you enjoy the videos. I believe it will motivate people to share more and help us establish a stronger user base.


Shot on the RED Komodo 6k 6K, 40fps Raw LT Dulens 31mm T2.4 Canon speedbooster

I like this test a lot, our Dulens 31 look so great on komodo! 



Dulens APO Mini Prime 58mm T2.4 - Bokeh and Flair Shot on Fujifilm X-H2s 4k 59.94 Prores - Graded in Davinci Resolve

Simple test but show how creamy the Dulens 58mm can be !


GEAR USED: Camera: Sony FX3 Lens: Dulens APO Mini Prime 58mm Monitor: SmallHD Cine 5 Music: Epidemic Sound


shot on Blackmagic cinema camera 6k full frame lens: Dulens APO Mini Prime 31mm T2.4 Lens (PL Mount) B-cam: Blackmagic pocket cinema camera 6k pro lens: canon ef 70-200 II IS


FX30 + APO Mini Prime

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